We can do shows indoors or outdoors weather permitting. If it is a hot day we do require a shaded area to present our show.
We don't require anything set up as far as tables or chairs, we will just use the floor. Any open room would work. A room large enough so the children can sit in a half circle and the animals and handler can be on the opposite side. We do have a thick drop cloth to put down for indoor shows.
One of our reliable and experienced handlers will bring the animals to you along with an Assistant to help make the show more interactive and hands-on.
You can call 646-406-2904 or e-mail aeisenberg@partyanimalsny.com to check for availability
A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking, the remainder of the payment is due the day of the show. The deposit is non-refundable, but is transferable to a re-booking. Remainder of the balance can be paid in cash or credit card (no personal checks on final payment) directly to the handler the day of the show.
No, we do not need a head count for the show. We will need one if you are ordering party favors
We have 2 different options,

* $4.00 includes cup, pencil, tattoo and candy
* $10.00 includes Betta, bowl, fish food & gravel

If you want to order party favors we would need to know which ones and how many 1 week before your party date.